Men’s Different Types Of Fashion Styles

They say clothes make the man. Whenever you see someone on the street, you tend to unconsciously categorise them in your head depending on what they wear. If you see a girl wearing a skirt with heels on, you would think she was preppy and girly. If it was a man wearing a jersey jacket, then he might be the sporty type. We like to categorise people whether we are aware of it or not.

How do you categorise men and their fashion styles though? What exactly are men’s fashion types?

The Jet-Setter

This style is for the men who want functionality, comfort as well as fashion. Since they’re always travelling, they know that giving a great first-impression is important, so they dress in style and make sure they’re comfortable. They would get 100% wool jacket and buy men’s suspenders online and wear them if the situation calls for it.

The Dandy

The dandy is the person who is pernickety about his clothing and would research just who the artisan is first as well as the quality of the work before acquiring the clothing himself. He would be checking who the shoemaker is to the person who made the boutonniere – a bit fussy, yes, but he only wants to get the best value for his money. He will not hold back on buying if it means he will get the quality of clothes he wanted.

The Rugged Man

Masculine, hardwearing and practical would best describe this style. Maybe you would notice that this type of men may not care what they wear, as long as they’re functioning and practical. If they do the job, then that’s good enough for them.

The Rebel/The Rockstar

You may know him, he’s got that stereotypical bad boy guise, and you may know the basic look to this. It comes with the leather jacket, white shirt, jeans and boots. That’s not the only look you could go for if you want to be this type though. It’s enough to just wear a leather jacket over any clothes, as long as they match and your confidence is there.

The Classic Style Guy

This guy is the type who wears timeless pieces. He would go for the quality pieces that have never gone out of style, and will be willing to purchase them at whatever amount. He probably owns a couple of suits and wear them all the time.

The Fashionisto

This man follows the trends and will buy clothes that will go out of style within the year, but that doesn’t matter to him. He loves fashion and is always updated on the news about what’s in.

The Street Style Guy

This type of guy is all about brands and not trends. It might seem as if he also isn’t trying to look great, but you wouldn’t be so sure as soon as you see what brand he is wearing. This is the type who wears both simple and amazing clothes but doesn’t really conform to the trends. In fact, he starts the trends, like men’s canvas and denim suspenders.

The Playboy

You know what these guys look like. Oftentimes you see them wearing something silky with shirts unbutton to reveal their chests. Their alpha dominant air makes them effortless head-turners.

Which type of man are you? Do you belong to any of the abovementioned types, or are you a completely new one?

Georgina Watts

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