Is Your Lip Balm Use A Bad Habit?

One thing us girls hate having is dry lips. Not only is it unattractive, it distracts us from doing work or anything that we should be entirely focusing on. How can you focus when every time you talk you feel sandpaper rubbing against each other? And even when you try to lick them to moist your lips, they just get drier after a few seconds.

Yes, we rely on lip balms. And yes, some of us have formed an unconscious habit of applying them even when our lips aren’t imitating sandpaper. Maybe this is because of some trauma about the sandpaper lips or maybe this is because of something else entirely.

There are a lot of people who make their lips drier because of excessive lip balm use. This is either because of the usage itself or because the ingredients of their preferred product have things in there that makes lips drier. Whichever the case may be, this all really goes back to how you’re using lip balm.

Questions you should ask yourself

In order to determine if you’ve got a lip balm addiction, you need to ask yourselves these questions below.

  • Do you frequently use it?
  • Do you perhaps carry it with you pretty much all the time?
  • Do you one stashed at every place you frequent at? Like in your car, in your bathroom, your purse etc.?
  • Do you spend way too much money for it?
  • Has anyone you are close to commented about how much you are using and applying it?
  • Are there times that you would find yourself late because you went out of your way for it?
  • Do you get restless and have trouble concentrating because you can’t stop thinking about applying it?

If all answers are yes then you need to calm down. You may have an addiction for applying it. This may be because of your psychological dependence on it. On the other hand, to prevent your lips from drying any further, here are tips when buying lip balm.

  • Avoid lip balms that have the ingredients menthol, salicylic acid and phenol. They can cause dryness. And you would end up applying more of it, in turn doing this endless cycle of sandpaper lips.
  • Limit the use of lip balms with flavouring and scents. The chemicals can be the reason why your lips get damaged and irritated.
  • Yes to petroleum-based jelly lip balm. The prevent chapping and keep the lips’ moisture.
  • Sunscreen lip balms with SPF 30. Yes, you may go for these.

Lip balm dependency, while not as bad as other kinds of dependency that borderlines unhealthy, is still a thing. Just because it isn’t killing you doesn’t mean it’s nothing. Take good care of yourself and watch out for the cosmetics you use on a daily basis.

Georgina Watts

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