The Nerdy Look – Tips For Dressing Up To Be The Cool Geek

Unlike a few years ago when you would be made fun or and bullied for wearing glasses in school, this generation embraces glasses. It is now classy and stylish to dress like a nerd. In fact, a lot of girls and boys make an effort to look geeky while adding in their own style to it to not be TOO nerdy.

Everyone mixes up their own fashion style these days and the nerdy look is probably the most famous one. Everyone is cool now and if you somehow are told that you aren’t, that bully will end up getting roasted. Everything is changed.

It is actually encouraged to be subtle in what they wear, and it’s why people like to opt for the simply geeky look. And if you don’t want to be left behind on this trend, here are tips that gets you started.

First off, choose what’s comfortable

What people new to this don’t understand is that comfort is your priority. The best part about being geeky is wearing things that make us comfortable. It is okay to be laid-back here. You don’t need to hurt yourself to be beautiful like in the brutal days of fashion. You can look amazing while looking like you didn’t care what you would look like today.

Show off the nerdy side

Graphic t-shirts are usually the go-to. The idea here is to wear something that you just grabbed from the top of your shelf. Most of the time, that happens to be a t-shirt that has graphical art on it, sometimes showcasing a comic or game you are into and sometimes some designs that you are personally fond of. For example, I used to wear shirts that have gore-like depictions of cartoons. I still have them and they’re old now, but I would like to buy new ones but with the same concept.

Sometimes you wear a flannel over this too. You don’t need to button it up because it would just block the design on your shirt. Also, buttoning it up implies you aren’t as laid-back as you would think. I like to wear mine lose and sometimes hanging off my shoulders. It wouldn’t matter since I would have a shirt underneath anyway. You can also go for patterns, which is very famous when it comes to going for a nerdy look.

Layering is key here. When you can’t choose between a sweater and a button down, go for both. Not only does it look good depending on the colours and styles you wear, they also keep you incredibly warm for the entire day. A perfect example would be the classic flannel over a graphic tee, like stated above.

Glasses, knee-high socks and messy hair style

We cannot forget the glasses, since they complete the whole look. Go for ones that protect your eyes from screens so it actually serves a purpose. Girls wearing knee-high socks while boys wear their hair in a casually messy way tops the look off. Have fun looking like an attractive geek for the rest of the day!

Georgina Watts

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