Stunning Diamond Alternatives For Your Engagement Ring

There is no arguing that diamonds are still the most popular stone to be put upon the centre of an engagement ring. No one is denying that. The diamond is the ultimate forever for a couple.

Still, this doesn’t change the fact that not everyone can actually afford it. And the fact that people tend to stray far away from the standard and the common to be different and be their own also makes people turn to different alternatives.

There is nothing wrong with picking a diamond for your ring. There is also nothing wrong with picking different gemstone for that. Whatever you think is best for you and your lover, pick the one that you both love and agree on. Don’t listen to people telling you exactly what you should be buying.

After all, it’s YOUR wedding.

To help, here are other alternative gemstones for your engagement ring.


Why not go big and colourful? Amethysts go in shades of purple, lavender and sometimes even pink. The most valuable amethyst happens to be the ones that have a hue of a strong reddish purple. Whichever kind honestly just looks stunning on any kind of metal band that you choose to go for.


Rubies are almost as precious and expensive as diamonds. Almost. If you wish to go for the romantic red colour in all its grandeur without ACTUALLY reaching the diamonds’ quality in price, then go for a beautiful ruby. It’ll last as long as a diamond, just like your marriage.


Sapphires are sometimes the counterparts of rubies. Where areas rubies are red, explosive and passionate, sapphires are quiet, careful and blue. Sapphires are just as lovely and precious, but just in the colour of blue. Some of the sapphires can even be in shades of pink and more, yet the most famous one is, of course, blue.


Why not go for something stunningly green? Emeralds look great on yellow gold and will continue to sparkle even years after your wedding. It’s a beautiful choice, seeing as it can come in any shades of green which you can choose from.


Aquamarines are beautiful in their own right. How often do you see a gem that has the colour of the ocean? That subtle kind of beauty is exactly what couples need nowadays. There doesn’t need to be a grand statement of your relationship. Sometimes the most beautiful ones are those that are quiet and subtle. Aquamarines are like that and are just as precious are the other gems in this list.


Morganite is like the gem counterpart to the rose gold metal. The gem is blush-hued, perfect for the metal band and perfect for the relationship of which you and your lover have. This gem is as brilliant and as stunning as a diamond, making it another perfect alternative to pick.

Georgina Watts

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