The Things That A Writer Must Have

If you have a writer friend, whether they write as their job, as their hobby or if they just do it because it gives them a sense of relief from the stress of life, you would notice that they often keep items with them most, if not all the time.

This is because, as writers, we either get super inspired and creative or we are empty and just don’t want to look at a blank document for the entire day. There is no in-between with us and what we do. At one point I was so inspired and was gearing up to write for hours because my brain was fuelled, and then the next day I just couldn’t stand to look at my computer, pen and journal at all or risk puking and bursting into tears for no good reason. It’s especially horrible to feel like hating what you love doing the most.

This is especially stifling if writing is your job. For me, it’s my job to write articles while I also find it very relaxing to write my own personal stories, which I keep in several journals at home. I’ve been writing stories 10 years before I started writing blog articles for a living. The change was difficult to adapt to, but I did it. And now I have to maintain this healthy train of thought all the time because it’s my job.

Can you see how scary it is for me to lose interest in writing all of a sudden? When it brings food to my table?

But I’m not here to scare you, because writers find ways, don’t we? And we always keep stuff with us all the time to help us be inspired. There isn’t a guarantee that they help ALL the time, but they definitely push us up further, don’t they?

Thesaurus and a dictionary

They’re very handy for when you discover a cool word and you want to use it. You have to first know what they mean, right? When your job is to mix words together to make a coherent sentence, dictionaries and a thesaurus are kind of a must-have.

Indoor plants or fresh flowers

Improved air quality and decreased stress. Those are what indoor plants do for you. It works even better if the plant happens to have plenty of colour.

Notebooks and pencils, pens, etc.

You’re not always going to have your laptop at hand. And sometimes typing things into your phone just isn’t enough. It’s too limited. That’s why I keep notebooks with me. I get to word-vomit and express myself better if I write it down using my coloured pens. This also helps me get rid of stress as I write down all my anxieties away in a form of a story that doesn’t actually involve me at all.

Favourite mug

For that coffee or tea fix.

Inspirational quotes and photos

Images and random words help us get inspired. In my case, I vandalise the walls in my room and later on would get inspired from them after staring at them blankly for a few minutes.

Desk lamp

For when you get some inspiration in the middle of the night and need to write it down right away. Sometimes the light bulb in your room burns that away so let’s keep a lamp instead.

A goal board

You have to have this if you’re making a book or a story. It helps you keep track of your own plans and goals.

Glass of water

Writing can get pretty exhausting after a while. Water helps hydrate your body and your mind.

Oil diffuser

Scent triggers memories and it can change our mood and productivity. To keep yourself seated on that desk and write, sometimes a proper oil diffuser’s scents could seduce you into writing more.

Daily planner

I don’t do this but some writers like to keep track of their writing schedule. It doesn’t work for me but I know it keeps other writers more focused. It’s one of the things that every writer has.

Your favourite books

You aren’t a writer if you never started as a reader. The reason I got inspired to be a writer was BECAUSE of the books I’ve read. So while I don’t read them anymore, I kept my collection safely tucked in my shelf to remember where I started. Sometimes remembering my own eagerness to write and read back in the day pushes me to write again.

Georgina Watts

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