Fast Fixes for Your Prom Dress in a Fashion Emergency

Prom is that one time a year when you can let your hair down and with all of your schoolmates with you, this is a milestone in your life. It pays to be prepared when heading out in your very best clothes. With that in mind, here are a few tips to make sure that nothing goes wrong with your look during the prom dance.


One has to be very careful with this stuff! However, it can literally save the day when you break a heel. Keep a tube in your clutch bag and don’t get any on your fingers! If you wear glasses and an arm of it breaks, superglue can fix it and it only takes a few minutes to set. Of course, gluing a heel back on means not putting too much weight on that foot, for obvious reasons. Do not puncture the tube until you intend to use it (there is a small pin to do that) and keep the cap on secure once the glue has been unsealed.

Safety Pins Of Various Sizes

A small sealable bag with half a dozen safety pins is the perfect fix, as trendy plus size prom dresses can be a little tight. In case a seam goes, the pins will save the day. Popping a button can be unavoidable especially when you’re moving and dancing all night long. However, with some small safety pins, there’s no need to panic. Velcro is also a lifesaver when your dress malfunctions and you could pre-cut some into small, thin strips.

White Vinegar Is A Small Scent Spray

An empty perfume spray bottle filled with white vinegar will help you remove stains. Simply spray on a little and wipe with tissue and the stain should disappear. Of course, you will be careful, but accidents do happen. It may not happen to you, but it can happen to one of your friends. In case a friend spills her drink on her dress, you will be her hero. White vinegar also removes deodorant stains, in case you get a little careless.

Stocking Run

This can happen to anyone at any time and clear nail varnish will stop the run in its tracks, saving you from further embarrassment. Works just as well with tights and sometimes leggings and it only takes up a little space in your bag to add some nail varnish.

Pet Hair

If your dog is always on you, pet hair can be unsightly and the best way to remove it is a 1-foot length of wide tape that is looped with the sticky side outwards. Dab this all over your dress and the hairs will be picked up. Even if you don’t have a pet at home, merely sitting on a sofa could be enough to deposit lots of pet hair on your dress.

The prom is supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy yourself and with the right prepping, you can be ready for anything! Make sure you take lots of images on your smartphone and you can send the next day uploading the best shots onto your Instagram.

Samuel Simpson

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