Emeralds: Your Custom-Made Engagement Ring

If you are one of the many women who are in love with emeralds, your up-and-coming engagement offers a chance to create the perfect emerald engagement ring. We are talking from-scratch design to incorporate your choice of metal, precious stones and setting. A custom jeweller uses 3D computing to produce the final design and when the client approves, the craftsman can set about creating a unique piece of jewellery to symbolise your union.

Raw & Uncut Emeralds

The handmade emerald rings for sale from the online custom jeweller offer you the opportunity to source loose uncut stones and at trade prices, you enjoy quite a saving. If you have no real concept in mind, the jeweller can show you hundreds of images of emerald engagement rings and when you see something you like, this is the start of the design process. There are many shades of green and the jeweller can help you make the right loose stone acquisition.


There’s no law to say that an engagement ring should feature a diamond and if you are an emerald lover, this is a golden opportunity to create a unique symbol of your undying love. The days of surprise engagements are over; most couples plan the ring design, preferring to lose the element of surprise in order to customise the engagement ring.

Uniquely You

You can truly say there is not another ring in the world that is the same as your emerald creation; which was fabricated according to your concept, using the finest emeralds and materials. It makes you feel special when wearing such a piece of jewellery, knowing you are the only one to own such a design.

Wholesale Emerald Prices

When you commission a custom jeweller to create an emerald engagement ring, the jeweller has access to the finest raw emeralds, and at wholesale prices too! The jeweller obviously knows a good stone when he sees one, plus he knows which emeralds are ideal for which cuts. If you acquired an emerald engagement ring from a jewellery store, you will be paying top dollar for the stones, whereas having the ring made means trade prices.

Green Is Your Colour

If you are a green person, what better way to show that than creating a stunning engagement ring with a large green emerald in the centre. This makes for a great accessory for all the outfits you wear and you’re hardly likely to remove your engagement ring for very long. Celebrate your love with a stunning emerald that catches the eye of all you meet and that fact that you designed the ring shows how important the relationship is to you. If you would like a free and informal Zoom chat with a leading custom jeweller, Google is your best friend. The custom jeweller can take your ideas and create a masterpiece. The professional can work to a budget and the entire process can be carried out without having to meet the jeweller face to face.

Samuel Simpson

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