Different Kinds Of Make-Up Styles For Every Occasion

If you didn’t already know, you could actually be a lot creative in how you do your make-up. Think of your cosmetics as paint. You don’t just paint the same thing all the time, right? You paint a lot of different things. It’s the same with make-up, you don’t just go with the same style beauty all the time. You change it up a notch and sometimes, the style would depend on the kind of event you are going to.

These could range from different kinds of styles too. If you are interested in what kind of style you could possibly adapt to, then take a look at the list below to see if you belong to one style and if you can change it to something different.

Natural Make Up

Natural make-up is not really transforming your facial features into anything new. It’s mostly just refining what you already have and making them look appealing and pretty.

Evening Make Up

This is like natural make-up, except you make an effort to make it look flirty. If natural make-up is worn as an everyday use, evening make-up is for those nights out.

Prom Make Up

This is the total opposite of natural make-up, because prom is naturally the one night where teens are trying to one-up one another in an effort to stand out from the rest. This means fake lashes, mascara and darker eye-shadow.

Bridal Make Up

This natural make-up but more on emphasizing the soft beauty of the bride and trying to compliment the dress she is wearing. This is all soft sides and natural look.

Gothic Make Up

It’s not for everyone buy it’s still a very distinct style to go for. The usual of blacker EVERYTHING is the key here. It’s one of the extreme styles and is very bold.

Anti-Aging Make Up

This is here in lieu of ladies wanting to fight back age. There are many products that actually cater to old skin, making them look younger.

Celebrity Make Up

Because they are mostly likely going to be immortalised in thousands of photos forever, this type of style exists to make the celebrities themselves look even better on all angles.

Airbrush Make Up

As the name applies, this is simply make-up that instead of using the usual sponges and stuff, you use airbrush that does the job.

Permanent Make Up

Make-up that never comes off and is basically a tattoo on your face. This is women can stop spending too much time on make-up chairs.

Mineral Make Up

Make-up that is good for your skin, since it’s made up of minerals that instead of clogging your pores, actually improve your skin. This has been getting popular too. If you are afraid of the side-effects from using regular make-up, then maybe this style of make-up is for you.

Georgina Watts

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